Compact Processor 800
Compact Processor 800
Compact Processor 800
Compact Processor 800
Compact Processor 800

Compact Processor 800

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Introducing the Compact Processor 800 (CP800) - our bold new fully automated rotary drum film processor. Effortless Black & White, Colour, Slide & Motion Picture processing at your fingertips.


Large capacity processing drum. Bigger is better! Efficiently process 8x 135 or 4x 120 rolls at a time. 2x piece semicylinder configuration locks together forming a complete seal from light leaking in & chemistry leaking out. Reel blanks available to minimise chemistry consumption during smaller batches. PVC/3D print construction.

5x chemistry/1x water channel(s). Versatile for black & white, C41 negative, E6 positive & ECN-2 motion picture processes. Run your chemistry with flexibility using 12x (6x inlet 6x outlet) indexed hoses. Option to salvage or dump exhausted/one-shot chemistry. Removable 2L & 5L chemistry storage receptacles.

Variable push/pull timing. Any stock. Any ISO. Variety of customisable presets.
Graphic LCD display. Dimmable backlit display for use in darkrooms. D-pad control panel (because touch screens don't work with wet gloves on).

Modular design. Adaptable for any space. Available as a bench top processor module or complete (w/ mobile frame) (add-on).
  • Processor module: 620 x 265 x 210mm
  • Chemistry storage: 640 x 310 x 405mm
  • Complete (w/ mobile frame): 690 x 340 x 1100mm (W x D x H)
Heavyweight construction. Durability goes a long way. CP800's rigid sheet metal construction is designed to withstand a lifetime of wear & tear.

Programmable temperature control. Don’t sweat the small stuff. CP800's thermometer & programmable heater accurately tempers bath water & chemistry solution +/- .2°.

Processing level detector. Uses approx. 125ml per 1x roll; 1000ml per 8x roll batch. Alerts user when there is insufficient chemistry for processing.

Trouble-free motorised agitation. 3x programmable speeds. Ensures the film is submerged in chemistry for consistent & reliable results.

Low maintenance. 1min rinse cycle betweens steps, prevents cross contamination improving chemistry shelf life. Save from tedious maintenance schedules.

Compatible with Paterson, AP & Jobo 1500 reels.

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