As many as you notice, modern days film photography outcomes are mostly by softcopies. The invention of electronic device such as PCs and mobile phone made film hardcopies not necessarily anymore.

However, it’s good to go back to the old days sometimes. Film printings always can give a touch of nostalgic to your artworks. Other than enlargement printings, Contact Sheet is another printings you should consider to experiment with.

A contact sheet is a photographic image produced from film; sometimes from a film negative, and sometimes from a film positive or paper negative. It’s suitable for any 35mm or 120mm film.

Contact sheet are usually the first process during enlargement printings. It is the process of making positive prints by projecting the negative image onto photosensitive paper. The negative and the photographic paper are placed on the glass plate of the exposure box. A hinged top-cover presses the negatives in close contact with the paper and keeps them in place.

People used contact sheet for image review and selecting image for enlargement prints. Other than that, there’s also artist uses contact sheet for creative work. In contact sheet photography (also called contact sheet art), the traditional contact sheet is used as a way to make pictures consisting of partial photos. The resulting image spans the whole sheet, divided into squares by the black borders of the film.

Hence, other than just receiving softcopies, why not give a chance to hardcopies as well? Make your artwork touchable. FilmNeverDie.Asia is now providing contact sheet printings too. Check out our website for more details!