Developing and Scanning

At FilmNeverDie we provide both film developing and film scanning services.
We develop a variety of film formats including 35mm film (135 format), 35mm disposable cameras and 120mm film (220 & 620

Developing and scanning your film with FilmNeverDie is easy.
Simply arrive at our store which is located at 110 Jalan Rahmat, Kampung Pegawai, Batu Pahat, 83000, Johor, Malaysia.

Our friendly staff will then direct you to fill out an order form and pay.
We then will process your film and if you have selected scans you will receive an email and SMS with a Dropbox link with your images.

If you would like to mail in your orders you will find more information HERE.

The table below outlines the typical turnaround time for Developing or Developing and Scanning each film type.
*Note that with the 'Develop Only' option, we process the film and you will just get your negatives back and do not receive any scans nor prints.

"Cheers to 3 years anniversary" Special Promo price for Develop & Scan Service:

Film Format & Type (35mm)

Develop Only

Develop & Scan (35mm)

Typical Turnaround

Colour Negative (C-41)


RM15 2-3 days

Black and White


RM15 3-4 days

Slide/Reversal (E-6)

RM30 RM38 2-4 weeks
Motion Film (ECN-2)
RM13 RM18 2-4 weeks

Film Format & Type (120)

Develop Only

Develop & Scan (120)

Typical Turnaround

Colour Negative (C-41)

RM8 RM15 2-3 days

Black and White

RM10 RM15 3-4 days

Slide/Reversal (E-6)

RM30 RM38 2-4 weeks

Motion Film (ECN-2)

RM13 RM18 2-4 weeks

Scanning Service

We also provide scanning services for customers who have film that they would like scanned, with prices outlined below.
These prices depend on both film format, and whether or not they have been cut.

Film Format

Uncut Roll

Cut Roll

Mounted Slides

  35mm RM10

 (220, 620) Film



RM5 each


Somethings you need to know

For any orders with mixed emulsion types, for example, a C-41 and an E-6 order, customers can request to receive the C-41 negatives/scan first if needed. Otherwise, they will usually be sent out once every roll in the order is completed.


Rush Job Service

For our customers who need faster turnaround times, we offer a rush job service, meaning same-day film developing and or scanning services.
This is however, only available for colour negative (C-41) film in both 35mm and 120 formats, at a cost RM 10 per roll.
Rush job service is available on most days, however, is typically not available during Saturdays or during times of film processor maintenance.


Extra Services

We also have these additional services available:

  • Scanning stereoscoping 35mm film (Reto, Nishika, Nimslo, etc.) - RM15 extra per roll
  • Scans with file format in .bmp - RM10 extra per roll
  • Non-standard scanning magnification - RM10 extra per roll
  • Push/pulling black & white film - RM5 per roll (regardless of stops)

**Scanning 35mm borders including sprockets - NOT AVAILABLE 


Film Developing Details:

We process Colour Negative (C-41/CN-16), Black & White, Motion Film (ECN-2) and Slide/Reversal (E-6/CR-56) film.
We do not process Kodachrome (K-14) or Super 8 film.
Colour (C-41) and black & white films are processed in-house.
Colour (C-41) orders are developed using a Noritsu QSF-V50 processor, while our black & white orders are developed manually via a drum process.
We outsource our E-6 & ECN-2 development, which is developed via a dip-and-dunk process.


Film Scanning Details:

We provide high-resolution scans with the resolution of a typical 35mm image being 5444 by 3649 pixels.
Our 35mm & 120mm film is scanned using Fujifilm Frontier SP3000.

We upload your images to Dropbox and send you a link to an online folder containing your images that you can download to your phone or computer.
Don’t worry – you don’t need a Dropbox account to access your images. We can also scan to a USB thumb drive if one is provided to us at no extra cost.

As always, if you have any queries or need help feel free to send us an email at