Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, we do develop disposable cameras. Disposable cameras are typically developed using the C-41 process, although occasionally we also handle black and white and even motion film. Just send them our way, and we'll handle all the details for you.

Take a peek at our developing and scanning services price list by clicking this link – it's worth a look!

No worries, it's a breeze! Just cruise on over to our website using this link: Mail-In Orders. We've got all the deets there to make it smooth sailing for you. Let's get those memories rollin'! 🎞️✨

Photo delivery times differ based on the process:

  • Colour Negative (C-41) 1 - 2 days
  • Black and White 2 - 4 days
  • Motion film (ECN-2) 2 - 4 weeks
  • Slide Film (E-6) 2 - 4 weeks

If you don't find your pics in your inbox within the timeframes mentioned, take a peek in your junk/spam folder, just in case. And if they're still missing, don't hesitate to hit us up for a rescue mission!

Yes. However, we only offer 4R size printing.

Here are the pricing details:

  • 1 piece RM3/piece
  • 10 pieces and above RM2/piece

Certainly! If you have a bulk order, just shoot us an email at, and we'll be delighted to provide you with exclusive offers and more information.

We're here to make your film development experience a breeze!


Certainly! To offer more flexibility in scheduling, you can choose the "Open Date Booking Slot" opt to book a date outside our provided schedule. We're open to accommodating your preferences!

Magical things will unfold! Our dedicated team will contact you via WhatsApp within 36 hours after your booking.

We kindly request that you notify us at least 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel a booked date. We can then reschedule or arrange a refund for you.

Yes, there are additional charges:

  • RM30 per extra hour
  • RM15 per extra sheet of paper
    These charges will be applied after the workshop concludes.

Drop-off Point

You can locate our drop box locations by visiting the following link: Drop Box Locations

If you're interested in teaming up with us, just shoot us the deets about your shop or spot, like where it's at, when it's open, and some cool pics too! Send all that good stuff over to Our crew will check it out and hit you up real soon. Thanks for wanting to roll with us!


We do! All cameras are guaranteed to work perfectly and come with a 6-month warranty.

Absolutely! For wholesale inquiries, you can email, and our team will assist you

We use Skynet for shipping orders within the country or to Singapore. Furthermore, we use FedEx for overseas shipping. If your location is outside of these areas, please contact us and provide your shipping area and postcode. We will check and provide you with a postage quote.