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"RECALL : An Ordinary Day"
"RECALL : An Ordinary Day" An Exhibition Presented by BEV C X FILMNEVERDIE.ASIA Recalling your life, day and night, is it becoming a repeating cycle that makes you get emotional numbness to everything?      We live, we grow, we learn,...
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"Saya Anak Malaysia" Campaign
Saya Anak Malaysia#FNDMERDEKAMalaysia will turn its 64th Birthday soon. Even though we can’t march our feet into Merdeka Square this year, we can still share our joy towards our country.FilmNeverDie.Asia will be curating a MV with the song “Saya Anak...
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CONTACT PRINTAs many as you notice, modern days film photography outcomes are mostly by softcopies. The invention of electronic device such as PCs and mobile phone made film hardcopies not necessarily anymore. However, it’s good to go back to the...
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