FilmNeverDie Asia is back with our 4th Film Photography Exhibition consisting a total of 7 photographers from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

This exhibition exclusively unveils a series of photos from talented film photographers that covers experimental ideas, different point of views and creativity of shooting film.
This exhibition take place virtually on our website from 28th August 2021 - 29th October 2021.

List of featured photographers :

We had an online launching with the featured photographers via Zoom app where we have some insights of the ideas behind the exclusive series. 

Andry Dilindra :
Sleeping on the street
In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city, I found people sleeping on the street and looking so peaceful, even though the noise of the city was quite exhausting. 

Dato Arif AbuBakar :
Beautiful blur 
‘By conventional definition, a photograph has to be clear and sharp, or at the very least, conforms to the notion of ‘acceptable sharpness’. The intentional camera movement (ICM) technique adds another dimension to the meaning of ‘a photo’.

The ICM images are normally created with a digital camera. However, in the ‘BEAUTIFUL BLUR’ series, I am experimenting creating ICM images using the analog camera.’


Feysal Kathiri :
Hitam & Putih
This pandemic has always made us feels trapped. Some routes were closed and some places were off entry, but being curious is always limitless.
Making use of the isolation and solitude, experimenting with film has always been a comfort companion.

Jane Lee :
Holy India
11 years ago, my then boyfriend (husband today!) and I almost broken up. That is where my story in India began. I dove straight in to my first trip there determine to see where it would take my relationship and I have no regrets since.
Fast forward to 2018, I decided to go back twice and, needless to say, these trips to India were so authentic and pure in a way that I had such wholesome experiences, and I can’t wait to go back for more.

Nadia J Mahfix :
In the state of impermanence 
2020 has been a strange year, almost apocalyptic. The pandemic has taught me many things and affirmed that our existence is indeed fleeting. Everything that exists right now is only

But where do we go from here, when it all ends?

Nora Shazlin :
I need time to think 
“The thing we’re watching is essentially fully in the past, but the “now” for that exploded star is unobservable to us, and we won’t receive any knowledge of it for millions of years, which makes it, to us, not “now,” but the future.”

― Katie Mack, The End of Everything

Syafiq Rafid :
Train spaces
The collision of the public space of the train carriages and personal, private spheres of the average commuter provide for a compelling view to what it means to be live in this fast paced, unforgiving and volatile world.
In these images I try to find the beauty in the intersections that occur within these journeys we take daily.