Hands On with the Pentax 17 – the New Film Camera from Pentax

Hands On with the Pentax 17 – the New Film Camera from Pentax

What is the Pentax 17?

The Pentax 17 is a half-frame point-and-shoot 35mm film camera, offering an impressive range of manual controls, multiple shooting modes, exposure compensation, user-selectable ISO settings, and a built-in flash.


The design of the Pentax 17 is quite unique. It doesn't resemble a classic camera, nor does it look like a modern digital camera. The top and bottom plates are made of lightweight magnesium alloy with a titanium-esque paint finish. Where plastic is used, it features designs meant to evoke the feel of machined, knurled, and diamond grip metal.


The images produced by this lens are not perfect, but they are strong, sharp, and vibrant. Although they don't match the resolution of a full-frame camera, they offer sufficient resolution for most use cases.


Don't miss out on this new era of film photography. The Pentax 17 is ready to bring back the charm of film with modern-day convenience. Join the excitement and be part of the film photography revival with the Pentax 17!