How to take GOOD SHOTS by using Disposable Film Camera💡🎞️

How to take GOOD SHOTS by using Disposable Film Camera💡🎞️

What is a Disposable Cameras?

Disposable cameras were created for the standard population who wanted to capture memories without going through a laborious process or worrying about breaking or losing their expensive camera.

Disposable cameras are great for vacations, special occasions, and events, but these days most people organize their photos digitally on their phones or in the cloud. Transferring the images to a phone may seem like a complex, time-consuming process, but it’s actually pretty easy if you know how to get disposable camera pictures on your phone. 

However, people seldom mishandled disposable cameras and might not be able to take the best photos by using the disposable camera. So here are some pro tips you might need to capture your memorable moments!



 We are also thrilled to share some of the excellent examples from the film enthusiast @mahirazulkefli



Hi, I’m Mahira, a film camera user since 2021. As a hobby, satisfaction and love towards analog photography.

Those are photos from back in February during my trip to Langkawi, Kedah by Disposable film camera by FilmNeverDie. Mesmerized by the sunset, the shot that I take is about how beautiful evening and sunset can be.

When I started using a film camera, I was so blind. First film that I sent to FilmNeverDie Asia was blank and they were willing to teach me personally on how to use film cameras and I keep learning up till now. I was so thankful to them and since then every stock of film rolls I get only from FilmNeverDie. And now, when I’m traveling, a film camera is gonna be my best companion.

Always, shoot everything that you think is worth being in your rolls.

📸 FND Disposable 400