JOMBATU Chinese New Year Photowalk 📸

JOMBATU Chinese New Year Photowalk 📸
First photowalk of 2024, thank you everyone who joined us!

Explore the festive charm of JOMBATU's Chinese New Year Photowalk, where film enthusiasts from across Malaysia and even Indonesia joined forces on a sunny Saturday, February 3rd, to explore the town of Batu Pahat.

Photos by @mr_nd_

The photowalk became a platform for cultural exchange and friendship, highlighting the power of photography to unite people across borders. JOMBATU Chinese New Year Photowalk was not just about taking pictures; it was a simple and happy gathering that united enthusiasts in exploring Batu Pahat and creating lasting memories.

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JOMBATU Recap Video 🔥  

Let's get ready for photowalk! 📸