KIRO and IRO are back! Pre-Order Now

KIRO and IRO are back! Pre-Order Now
We all felt the pinch of the lack of colour films and and rise in prices. Thus we are making an effort relaunch some of our all time favourite 35mm film : KIRO and IRO ! 

Together with SORA and UMI , we will anticipate to have at least 4 different colour emulsion on shelf! 
To help us make this happen we need your help to pre-order them for us, this way we can ensure to keep the prices low and ensure the factory can prioritise our order.
What is Kiro
See the yellow cheetah wagging its tail on top? Yes that is our long gone but now trying to revive film. We got some expired + colour shifted film on hand see below for sample photos! 
What is IRO ?
See the the pink - Fuji-like mountain below, which is alway in cherry blossoming season (Hanami (花見)), similar story with KIRO, we manage to salvage more stock and can continue to make them and this time in 39 shots a roll !
Pre-Order them here !
click them or scroll down to see sample photos. 
KIRO 400 27exp , grainy and lack of colour punchiness (expired and colour shfited), but this be enough for your general every day party shots.
IRO 400 39exp, if you are more conventional then this IRO 400 will be for you, good colour and grain profile. 
FilmNeverDie Sora 200 , remjet removed movie film, originally 250D with nice day light profile.
Shot on Contax T2.
*First few frames and last few frames will have light leaks (like shown on the top right)  due to being hand wound. 
FilmNeverDie Umi 800 , remjet removed movie film, originally 500T with nice night light profile, T = Tungsten balanced, thus will look blue-ish when shot on day light. Shot on Contax T2 + no flash. 
*First few frames and last few frames will have light leaks due to being hand wound. 

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