Another weekend, another Filmneverdie photowalk

Another weekend, another Filmneverdie photowalk

Another weekend, another Filmneverdie photowalk. This time spent adventuring around the animated streets of Melaka. 

Groups of hobbyists, friends and family gathered to share their love for film and shooting.Armed with our choice of camera and as many rolls as we could carry, we set off into the hustle and bustle of the city.


Shoot with Contax G2 , FilmNeverDie Kiro 400

We begun the walk through back alleys where we played around capturing the stark differences between shadows and light. The streets lined with heritage buildings that show the architectural influence of both Asia, specifically Malay, and European colonisation by the Portuguese that took place between the 15th-16th century.

Making our way to a new location to explore, the group discussed their opinions on film, the camera equipment they use and the difference between their favourite film stocks.The interconnected streets of Melaka lead us to the local river where we found a patch of greenery to do a portrait session with everyone participating in the photowalk. 

After all this time spent in the sun we wrapped up the final moments of our walk along the water. Making our way back to the pop-up store, we relished in the idea of the new friends we made from all around the country — some travelling hours to spend the day with us. 

We enjoyed a lot , hope you guys felt the same too!
See you guys soon! 

Think Positive , Shoot Negative

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*Special thanks to Qamar & Juju from @Kafe_tuju for sharing us their space.