order for AKMAL/R/2021-10-15UNI:10151532/R/N:recoTACto7EpILx7K

order for AKMAL/R/2021-10-15UNI:10151532/R/N:recoTACto7EpILx7K

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order from AKMAL/R on 2021-10-15.

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3roll(s) of C41 35mm Dev and Scan * RM10.0 (PROMO PRICE)

1roll(s) of BW 35mm Dev and Scan * RM15.0

About your negative : We will dispose of your negatives after scanning

Normal turnaround days:
C41 film 1-2 days (PROMO period 2-3 days)
BW film 3-4 days
ECN-2 film 3-4 days
E-6 film 1 month
Once your order is ready you will get an automatic email and sms to access your photos via link.

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