Paterson Film Processing Starter Kit
Paterson Film Processing Starter Kit

Paterson Film Processing Starter Kit

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Begin developing your own black and white film with the Film Processing Starter Kit from Ilford and Paterson. Comprising everything you need, this kit includes an Ilford SIMPLICITY Starter Pack of developing chemicals, a 35mm cassette opener, a Paterson Universal Developing Tank with two reels, a thermometer, three 22 oz / 600mL graduates, a mixing stirrer, and two sets of film drying clips.

Ilford 35mm Film Cassette Opener

An indispensable tool for at-home film processing, the 35mm Film Cassette Opener from Ilford is a simple tool designed to make the process of opening 35mm film cartridges easier. Its dedicated design opens the top of the cassette, making it faster to remove the film prior to loading it onto a reel just before development.

Ilford SIMPLICITY Starter Pack

Containing all of the necessary chemistry for developing black and white film, the SIMPLICITY Starter Pack from Ilford contains pre-measured portions of four concentrated chemicals to produce working solutions for processing one roll of 120 or two rolls of 35mm film in a two-reel, 600mL developing tank.